Monday, December 29, 2008

How to make your own Jordan Almond Flower Favors

1. Fold the almond holder by pinching wire in the middle of the leaf over jordan almond. Make five. Do not over work the almond holder. They are delicate and can tear. Fold once toward bottom and middle of holder.

2. Group together 5 stamens and fold in half. With floral tape, wrap together about half way up so stamens are loose at top. Again with floral tape, tape stamen bunch to one almond holder. Bend almond holder down to the side so that stamen bunch will be higher than holder.

3. Place the remaining 4 almond holders around the leaf with the stamens, making sure all the petals are facing the same direction. Twist wire stems together and wrap with floral tape at the base of the almond holders.

4. Place two rose leaves at base on opposite sides of flower. Twist wire stems together with the almond holder stems. Wrap with floral tape from base of flower down to end of wire and back up again.

5. Cut ribbon 12-15" long, and tie around stem in a bow. If adding a favor tag, slip card onto stem before tying ribbon.

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