Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DIY Thanksgiving Corn Favor Box

Here is a quick and simple project to do with the kids.

paper towel roll
bubble wrap (we used inside of a bubble envelope that was mailed to us.)
yellow paint & paint brush
green tissue paper
small candy or items to fit in the paper towel roll (we used Reese's Pieces because of their festive fall colors.)

Cut paper towel roll into 4 equal parts. (Or less depending on how you like it.)

Put a coat of yellow paint on the bubble wrap.

Roll the paper towel rolls over the wet yellow paint on the bubble wrap. Try not to go back and forth.
They will look someting like these below.

Gather the green tissue paper and put it in the roll as pictured.

Open the tissue and fill center with candy or other small items.

Tie raffia around the tissue to close.
And there you have a simple little corn favor box.

And the kids made these fun little turkeys using the simple instructions here.

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Lori said...

How cute. You are so creative.