Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do you like getting favors?

I think the reason I like to give favors for any and all events I host is because I love getting them! They are either pretty or fun and always so exciting to get. Like a little present just for you! Through all the hard work and planning that went into such an event, the host/party giver remembers you the guest, with a memento from the special day!

Though favors are not mandatory, they are a nice way to add a special touch to your event!

Did you give favors? Will you give favors? Do you like getting favors? Please share your thoughts!


down pillow said...

I've always enjoyed the idea of giving and receiving favors and the idea's that go into it. Especially if it is something unique! I once saw this adorable chocolate mouse made with a maraschino cherry and a hershey kiss, super adorable!