Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DIY - Wedding Favor - Sand Dollar Magnet

Remember this photo below from this post? Well we decided to make wedding favors with the sand dollars we collected at the beach! And wanted to share how we did it!

1. Place all the sand dollars in a bucket and add water and bleach to get them nice and white. Use your judgement how much bleach to use. You will notice them start to whiten as you pour in the bleach. Let soak for about 1 hour. You can do more or less time as needed, just be careful not to let them soak too long or the bleach will start to deteriorate the sand dollar.

2. Rinse the bleach off of the sand dollars and then let dry. They will not all turn white so be sure to collect extra.

Sand Dollars
Industrial Strength Glue
Organza Bags (sold here)
Favor Tags (we made ours on our computer)

3. Place a small dab of glue on the magnet.

4. Place the magnet on the center of the back side of the sand dollar and apply a small about of pressure.
5. Will look like this once the magnet is secured.

6. Allow glue to dry and place the sand dollar in the organza bag. Add a favor tag and tie the bag closed.
You now have pretty beach theme favors that were a cinch to make! You can customize this favor by selecting the organza bags and favor tags in your wedding colors.

Here is our sand dollar magnet at work in our home. Holding our Jesus drawing to our fridge. So what do you think? Simple right?

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Anonymous said...

easy and cute, my kind of craft! :-) thank you for posting!