Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Gown Preserved - Beautiful!

We are an authorized dealer for The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. It seems that there is much curiosity surrounding our Bridal Gown Preservation kit. Some are just confused about how it works, others think... "...well it's a bit up there in cost, is it really worth it?" Or "will I be happy with it?"

Being a satisfied customer myself I will share some information with you. After I got married (way back) in 2001, I knew I wanted to keep my gown. For various obvious reasons. I didn't want to just hang it in my closet. The weight of it on the hanger, the constant contact it would get as well as the exposure to light, I just knew it would get ruined. So I got the Bridal Gown Preservation Kit!
Here is my dress on our wedding day.
And here we are looking off into our happily ever after! Hee hee....

Keep in mind this was way before Favors With Love so I was not familiar with this product at the time. I simply bought the kit, I packed my dress according to the directions that come with the kit, I sealed it up and mailed it off. And then one day, about 2 months later I got my dress back. And I was very pleased with it! It was all clean, preserved and pretty as can be! Like New! I keep it lying flat on it's back on a shelf in my closet. Here are some photos of my actual dress today!

Outer Box (This box was also in another shipping box when it arrived)

Another box on the inside with a window for viewing.
Veil and garter were also included no closeup of garter but it is there on the bottom center.

Closeup of inside. Dress is stabilized and formed to keep it's shape.

So at $149.99 does it still seem a bit costly? Well today I checked with my local cleaners to compare and their price STARTS at $380 to clean and preserve. Not so bad when you compare to them! In my one happy customer, very satisfied opinion it is way worth the cost! Check it out here to see what is included. And if you have any questions please let me know. The Wedding Gown Preservation Co has been around since 1913.

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