Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cherry Blossom Chopsticks - One of our favorites!

Not only are these Cherry Blossom Chopsticks beautiful but durable and very practical. They have a nice clear coating that keeps them in great shape. More useful than one might think! Of course there is the obvious, use them for eating, but I personally have used these in my hair (when my hair was longer)! They stay put every time. I have also used this chopstick to help me with a recent craft project of making fishie soap. (Will post the tutorial on that real soon.) What makes these even more attractive is the fact that they are so affordable. Click on the picture if you would like to purchase.

Originating in China during the Shang Dynasty, chopsticks have been elegant and sophisticated utensils for daily use all over the world. Decorate your wedding or special event with an eastern flair by adorning your place settings with our Cherry Blossom Chopsticks. Delicate cherry blossoms are printed atop these elegant wooden chopsticks. Try placing a pair at each place setting for guests to enjoy at home. Each pair of chopsticks comes packaged in a clear sleeve and tied with a white satin bow. Tags are not included. Size: 9"