Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How About This - Tea Theme Shower

Be it for Bride or Mommy to Be, a tea theme shower is classic. And with spring flowers in full bloom and that nice spring breeze, what better time to have a nice garden tea party. We all loved playing tea when we were children, dolly and bear all circled around even brothers army men were there. Now that we have grown lets continue this pastime with real family and friends as we celebrate the showering of the guest of honor. Favors With Love has collected just a few tea theme ideas that we would like to share.

Serve Jordan Almonds in Vintage Teacups via Real Simple
Original purpose: Sipping Earl Grey.
Aha! use: Start your own custom and place candy-filled, vintage teacups at every table. (Or use them for favors if you can find full sets at flea markets or eBay.)
Reward: A simple and personalized dash of style.

Here is a neat idea for centerpieces for your guests tables. Arrange flowers in a teapot, and give them extra height by standing the pot on a cup. From Rachel Rey.

This candle idea comes from Martha Stewart. Use tea cups that are missing their saucer to make candles. These can be used as decor or they would make a great shower game prize.

The invitation is the very first clue of what your event will be like. Set the feel with these nifty tea theme invitations. Don't you just love the hand made nature of these
invitations? We found these on etsy, one from Peas and Thank You's and the other from Cotton Candy Creations .

And what about favors? Ahh our specialty! Send your guests off with tea inspired favors that will surely remind them of your tea theme event. Tea favors are available in a large variety and many of them are actually very useful. Teapots that are kitchen timers, infusers and actual teacups and saucers. Some of our favorites are pictured below. Stop by Favors With Love and have a look at our tea favors and see what sparks your interest.
Even if you are not in the works of planning a shower, I bet you want to have a tea party now!

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